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Gênio Diabólico – Um entregador de pizza é morto depois de assaltar um banco com uma bomba no pescoço. Se você acha essa história policial estranha, você ainda não viu nada. Assistir Superstition Online Synopsis Assista ao Trailer
Gênio Diabólico
The extraordinary story of the “pizza bomber heist” and the FBI’s investigation into a bizarre collection of suspects. User Reviews – Evil Genius Big budget multi-part binge docs are now the in thing since Making a Murder was such a hit producers and Netflix have been trying to replicate that success ever since. The problem is now they are making what once would be a 1 or 2 part doc a 6 to 9 part mini series and to be honest some can drag on and on and on, for me this was one.. Its definitely worth a watch however, especially if you are not familiar with the case as I was. Its starts out really intriguing and a great who dunnit. But then spirals into a tit for tat back and forward betwen the suspects whom are apparently “geniuses” Which I have to say baffled me as neither of them displayed any traits or actions that would denote “genius” .. perhaps the threshold for genius in that part of the us lower than the rest of the world.. unless being generally obnoxious and bragging about being intelligent is what makes someone smart. Anyway, do stick it on, it will make a good sunday watch ! by rorymorris1 – See all my reviews

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