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Rellik – O Início do Fim é um thriller que remonta a história de um serial killer. A série começa pelo fim da trama com o assassinato do principal suspeito, e desvenda o caso gradualmente, ao inverso. Assistir Online Elenco Richard Dormer / Jodi Balfour / Paterson Joseph / Lærke Winther / Shannon Tarbet / Ray Stevenson / Kieran Bew / Reece Ritchie / Michael Wildman / Joseph Macnab / Peter Coe / Alex Gillison / Tuncay Gunes / Susan Hughes / Faye Castelow / Mimi Ndiweni / Annabel Bates / Rosalind Eleazar / Paul Rhys / Clive Russell / Tanya Reynolds / Daniel Eghan / Michael Shaeffer / Charlotte Dylan / Tina Chiang / Michael Nardone / Oliver Gatz / Rudi Dharmalingam / Kirsty J. Curtis / Nathan Whitfield / Luke Kemp / Manoj Anand / Lasco Atkins / Susanne Brown / Harsha Morarji / Gino Picciano / Georgina Rich / Clare Holman / Lara Decaro / Cosh Omar / Adrian Quinton / Dean Roberts / Tuwaine Barrett / Lucy Chappell / Max Wrottesley / Kerri McLean / Richard Cunningham / Shaun Mason / Gordon Bibby / Phil Deguara Synopsis – Assista ao Trailer
Starting at the end, with a suspect caught, the series moves backwards in time through the string of gruesome murders, gradually unraveling the truth. Enigmatic, unrelenting and charismatic, we follow DCI Gabriel Markham as he is propelled in an obsessive hunt for a serial killer who left a mark on him both physically and mentally. As the clock ticks back, and Gabriel’s personal and professional lives unfurl, we explore the painful psychology of a man disfigured, while the shock waves from the crime ripple out in reverse. Alongside a thrilling chase to catch a brutal killer, Rellik explores the very nature of motivation, as we delve deeper into the past to uncover the events that shape a person into who they will become.


Assistir Online - Rellik
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