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Stranger Things – Joyce (Winona Ryder) é uma mãe solteira que fica desesperada quando seu filho desaparece sem deixar vestígios. Joyce, a polícia e os moradores buscam por respostas e se veem envolvidos numa armadilha de experimentos secretos e eventos sobrenaturais.
  • Originalmente, o título da série era Montauk.
  • O trabalho anterior da atriz Winona Ryder também foi na televisão, na minissérie Show me a Hero.
David Harbour
Mark Steger
Joe Chrest
Stranger Things is set in the fictional rural town of Hawkins, Indiana, during the early 1980s. The nearby Hawkins National Laboratory ostensibly performs scientific research for the United States Department of Energy, but secretly does experiments into the paranormaland supernatural, including those that involve human test subjects. These start to affect the unknowing residents of Hawkins in calamitous ways.
Season 1 (2016)
Season one begins in November 1983, when researchers at Hawkins National Laboratory open a rift to the “Upside Down”, an alternate dimension. A monster from the Upside Down escapes and abducts Will Byers. His mother, Joyce, and the town’s police chief, Jim Hopper, search for Will. At the same time, a young psychokinetic girl called Eleven escapes from the laboratory and assists Will’s friends, Mike, Dustin, and Lucas, in their own efforts to find Will.


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